Sniff it away

If you have a deviated nose (and stats say that many, many of us have one, so don’t lie), sniffing becomes the constant background sound of your days, nights, school and study hours, and music hours if you so happen to play things like bassoons or accordions.

Done the intro, this is the little short story of a child who got scolded many a time for repeatedly sniffing in public instead of using a tissue to blow my nose, which made the child (later on, the attempt-at-adult) the holder of special Tempo and Cleenex fidelity card. Which of course came of use when I moved to the Land of Britain, where the clouds thrive and the rains have more self-confidence than the population, and the colds are abundant and glorious. Sniff, sniff, sniff: sniffing is the second most popular olympic game after cricket (what? cricket is not an olympic game?). And then, here I come, rich in motherly wisdom and in painful childhood memories: BLOWWWWW my nose with the windpower of an F4 tornado!

Did I know it was a huge NO-NO to blow your nose in public and share your phlegm sounds with the audience? No. Did I think that they maybe would not like to hear my phlegm sounds, and that was just a cultural preference specific to a certain family in a certain area of Italy? No. Did I get a card with Dumbo on it for my birthday from my friends? Yes indeed.

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