rocky road gratefulness

Today we put into practice a teaching promoted by many spiritual and nonspiritual organisations, including, the Church of the Latter Days, my grandmother and the Association of Passive-Aggressive Buddhists:

Practice gratefulness”

My gratefulness today goes to all the drivers, fellow bikers and fellow cyclists who take the time to stop their journey to explain to me how to walk and cycle. In particular, I would like to wish many blessings upon those who stop to explain that

“It’s forbidden to cycle on the pavement”
“We don’t usually cross when the green light is flashing and a car has already started driving through”
“Cycling through a red light is against the law”
“It’s dangerous to walk with music in your ears”
“It’s recommended to wear a helmet when cycling”
“It is potentially harmful to others to stop in the middle of the pavement”

Kind people of the roads, thank you for your efforts in making me a better cyclist! (I also take the opportunity to apologise to the young lady whose dog’s tail I chopped with my tyre, and the slightly more mature lady whose bag remained stuck to my steer, and the gentleman who followed me trying to prevent me from keeping cycling without lights and whom I could not chat with due to an urgent commitment).

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